Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Budget Booze - Part I

The Cheapskate's Amaretto Sour

The holidays are a-coming and a lot of us will be entertaining friends and family. The cost of entertaining is high, partly because we have to spend all day before the party cleaning our homes so our friends and relatives don't think we're pigs, but also because feeding and getting your guests drunk can get pretty expensive. While you can get a bottle of wine for as little as ten bucks, cocktail ingredients such as hard liquor, fruit, and juice, are all pretty costly.

I'm here to help.

In the next few entries, I'll be showing you ways to get your guests drunk on a budget.

The secret is to keep things sweet. For some strange reason, sugar enhances the effect of alcohol on our systems. I have no idea why that is, and couldn't find a study on the subject anywhere. All I know is that the sweeter the drink, the drunker you get on a smaller amount. That means that you can get away with using very little costly liquor if you make the drink sweet enough.

All that said, let's get boozing!

The Cheapskate's Amaretto Sour

If you order an amaretto sour in a bar or club, it will probably run you between 5 and 8 bucks plus tip.  That's a whopping 10 dollars for a drink you can make easily and cheaply - in bulk, no less - at home! It takes all of 3 minutes to prepare, will easily oil a crowd of 4, and tastes just like anything you'd get in a bar or club for a fraction of the price. When making this, be sure to use the cheapest - but safely drinkable - amaretto you can find.  You also need to warn any  guests with nut allergies, as the base for this cocktail is almond liqueur.  

Here's How You Do It
Total Prep Time: Approximately 3 minutes.
Serves 4 to 6 OR 2 people out to get really drunk


2 Cups of Amaretto - this is a sweet almond liqueur that's about 24% proof. You can find it in any liquor store, and with holidays coming, you can probably get it on sale. Be sure to buy the cheapest amaretto you can find, as its flavor won't matter too much as long as it's relatively almond-ey.

1 Can of Frozen Concentrated Lemonade


1 Pitcher or Jug - You can get these at the dollar store for about 2 bucks

1 Wooden Spoon

Measuring Cups

Measure out 2 cups of Amaretto and put it in the pitcher.

In the same pitcher, prep the frozen lemonade according to the instructions on the can (dump in the frozen concentrate + using the can that used to contain the concentrate, add 3 to 4 cans of water).

Stir it with a wooden spoon to combine and you're good to go!

Stay tuned for next week when I'll be showing you how to make my mother's famous rum punch!

-Samantha R. Gold

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