Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dabbling in Philanthropy

Dear Readers,

After a long hiatus due to illness and a demanding day-job, I am pleased to announce that I'm back, Baby!

Since the world has given me so many cuisines from which I get inspiration for the recipes I teach you, I've decided to give something back by donating a FABULOUS PRIZE to the highest bidder at Montreal based charity, Social Justice Connection's charity auction!

Social Justice Connection aka SJC works to educate people on social justice issues and engages policy makers at the national and international level to push for fairness in global finance and recognition of international human rights standards. 

Here's where you bid:

All that said, let's get to the best part: THE PRIZE!




You can have it ALL!

All you have to do is bid. 

And bid HIGH.

The winner of my auction item will receive a delicious 3 course meal for 4 to 6 people prepared by yours truly, and delivered to you on a weekend of your choice. Said meal will include an appetizer i.e. soup, salad, or some kind of savory pastry, main course, and dessert. In the spirit of the blog, I will also include a printed copy of the recipes used to prepare your prize!

Want it? 

The Fine Print

1. Delivery only available on the Island of Montreal.

2.  I must be informed of any food allergies, dietary constraints, profound dislikes, and/or preferences AT LEAST a week in advance before the person collects their prize. 

Such dietary constraints would include allergies to nuts, shellfish, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, and/or gluten, diabetes, an intolerance for spicy food, vegetarianism or veganism, the inability to consume pork or pork products for religious reasons, any profound dislikes i.e. nothing too spicy, doesn't like legumes or fish etc., or if the person is on some kind of diet i.e. no carbs. 

3. Delivery only available on weekends.

4. If the winner wants a specific type of cuisine, I have to know AT LEAST a week in advance in case I have to do any research.

5. The food will be delivered  already prepared. If there is anything that must be assembled in the winner's home in order to ensure freshness and quality, detailed instructions will be provided to the winner via email and in the form of a printed copy in the delivered package.

6. I must be contacted to discuss time and date of delivery at least a week in advance.

7. The winner must  contact me via email only at I will be notified of the winner, and will check emails regularly following the auction.

-Samantha R. Gold

Questions? Comments? Requests?

Bring it on!

I can be reached at:

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